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W trosce o bezpieczeństwo na drodze.

The uniqueness of our offer:

Fast order fulfillment
Trade and technological partnership
Complex delivery, large assortment

Market leader, professional partner in the field of innovations and technologies of vertical road marking – this challenge has been facing us for over 30 years!

Design, produce, deliver:

Innovation and benefits

Innovation is a constant feature of the Wimed team

For more than 30 years, we have been expanding our capabilities and using our full potential to produce road signs, information signs, structures that increase road safety and help drivers and pedestrians get to their destination.

Wimed in numbers

more than

10 000 000

of road signs

more than

2 000 000 m2

of tables

more than

1 000 000

heavy structures

more than

5 000 000

light structures

We have been marking roads, streets and trails since 1988. Our products improve the legibility of markings and improve road safety.

“Millions of drivers in their cars are constantly moving the roads, for them we produce our signs so that they can reach their destination without accidents or damage.”

We are constantly improving our actions to be better than we were yesterday. That is why today WIMED is one of the most famous – both in Poland and in Europe – companies offering vertical road signs and road safety devices, constantly participating in the technological development, quality and safety of vertical road signs.

Zdzislaw Dabczynski, founder of WIMED

WIMED – market leader, professional partner in the field of innovations and technologies of vertical road marking.


“We want our work today and in the future, despite the volatility of the external world, to be based on the responsibility and dignity of everyone’s life” – Zdzislaw Dabczynski


We are preparing many new solutions specifically for employees involved in the assembly and maintenance of vertical signs on the roads and streets.

Fast shipping

We count the time from the moment of confirmation to shipment in order to speed up the execution of the order.

Continuous development

Our development is possible through partnerships - thanks to this we can learn from each other and innovate in our work.

Find a partner, who offers an innovative and partnership approach to solving challenges and difficulties!

The advantages of working with us:

Attractive prices

The highest quality of the products and services

Fast implementation of the order

Start cooperation


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